Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Battle Realms

Battle Realms is a strategy game that uses real-time game mode Ubisoft production in 2001. This game uses the background of Japanese mythology. In this game will find characters such as samurai, ninja, werewolf, and geisha warriors.

Dragon Clan (Dragon Clan)
Dragon clan put honor above all else. They are a vassal of the honor as a symbol. They use loaded weapons and war are respectful. The soldiers they must be united with their weapons. dragon clan also fought with the strength of their samurai they have a secret weapon of the spirit of dragon zen master of ligth that can be called a human form of the dragon

Serpent Clan (Serpent Clan)
The opposite of the dragon clan, this clan forget them and always honor crimes. This clan is a follower of Yin. They did not use weapons like the dragon clan, but they better use their fighting ability. Although the dragon clan could use firearms, serpent clan can know their secrets.

Wolf Clan (Wolf Clan)
This clan put freedom above all else. they are also a vassal of the freedom as their symbol. Unlike other clans, they do not have a healer. the people of this clan is the type of hard-working and friendly to nature.

Clan Lotus (Lotus Clan)
Lotus Clan was a vassal of the latter, but it was changed to Yin. This clan followers to use corruption as their symbol.

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