Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prince Of Persia

Prince of Persia is an adventure game that has a mission. For more details check out the following plot:
The main character, The Prince (Prince), originally was a street kid who lived on the streets of the country Persia (now Iran). One day, he met with the Sultan of Persia Princess (Princess). He is very interested in the beauty of the princess who like the moon rising from heaven. The daughter also seems to respond to the love of a child who would become the prince.

Until one day, the Sultan of Persia had to go to war in a distant place. Knowing the Emperor went, Jaffar, one senior (Grand Vizier) in the country, trying to seize power for himself sultan. He even forced the princess to marry her. But of course the Princess refused Jaffar proposal that would take his father's power. With her magic, Jaffar then issued an ultimatum to the princess: Married with him or else he will die within one hour. Nothing can be done at the time the daughter. The only hope they have is the lover who can save him.

But the Princess did not know that her lover had been captured by Jaffar in an underground prison. Prison is guarded by armed guards sword. To be able to save the princess, the prince candidate must get out of prison through the streets winding and treacherous, cliff jumping, climbing wall, past the guards, and avoid the pitfalls that could kill him, too.

This is where the game begins. Players must move the prince of the candidate is adventurous when out of prison in an attempt to save the princess. Although the daughter was held captive and helpless, but within a time he could still help by sending a pet white rat to help. The adventure must be completed as soon as possible, should not be more than an hour. If too late, then the daughter will die and the game ended. If successful, then towards the end of the game characters will meet directly with Jaffar. He should be able to defeat Jaffar in a game sword so he could save the princess. When Jaffar defeated, then the influence of magic will disappear and the princess could be saved.

After the daughter was saved and the Sultan returned from the war, the hero then married to the daughter. He was appointed Prince of Persia. They were living happily, though not forever because in the next series of this game back Jaffar disturbing their peace.

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