Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Counter Strike

Counter-Strike (abbreviated to CS) is a video game where the shooting game featuring a team counter-terrorist (CT) are against teams in a series of terrorist ronde.Where several missions to accomplish in this game are:

1. Taming the bomb (Bomb defusal)
* Applies to places beginning with, for example: de_inferno, de_train, etc..
* In this scenario, the terrorist team to plant a bomb on duty at the place that was provided, called bombsite (A and B). Conversely, counter-terrorist team must defuse the bomb if it is planted, or prevent terrorist planting the bomb. Although the terrorist was killed, if the bomb was not defused until the time the terorislah the win.

2. Rescue hostages (Hostage rescue)
* Applies to places beginning cs, for example: cs_assault, cs_militia, etc..
* In this place, counter-terrorist to save the hostages 4 (Hostage) located at the headquarters of terrorist (T Spawn)

3. Murder secret (Assatination)
* Applies to the beginning as, for example: as_tundra, as_oilrig, etc..
* In assatination scenario, one member of the counter-terrorist to be VIP on his team. Members are not allowed to die until you reach a safe place (usually a helicopter or a tank).
* This scenario is not much in the game Counter-Strike.

4. Firing range (Fight Yard)
* Applies to the beginning fy, for example: fy_rush, fy_unseen, etc..
* In this scenario the two teams just did a shootout.

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